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Lone Wolf Anthology

Now available! When the going gets grim, the lone wolf rides in. Introducing the Lone Wolf Anthology, a collection of 11 original stories honoring the outcasts and outsiders. These masterless men and women brave the wild and dark places of epic fantasy with nothing but iron will and good steel to serve them. They’re the […]

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Swords for Hire

Medieval historical fantasy clashes with the rugged American Western. Louis L’Amour meets George R.R. Martin. Grab your sword and hit the trail. Featuring exclusive, all-new works from the worlds of Teutevar Saga, Tales of the New World and Legacy of Ash, Swords for Hire: A Frontier Fantasy and Medieval Western Story Anthology showcases the undying […]

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About the publisher

Undaunted Publishing is one-part indie publisher, one-part author cooperative. We collaborate with talented authors to produce bold, brazen stories. The end result? A publishing guild quite unlike anything else.