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Djinn Tamer: Starter

Tame. Train. Battle. Fans of Pokémon, Digimon, and Monster Rancher will love this monster-battling take on the GameLit genre! Jackson Hunt wants nothing more than to be a professional monster tamer — skilled trainers who raise and battle magical creatures called Djinn. He longs for the day when he comes of age and can leave […]

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The Harvest: Call of the Sirens Book 1

Sometimes the most beautiful things grow in darkness. When Jace moves to Santa Cruz he never expects to find that ancient myth has turned into reality, or to find himself risking his life to protect a monster. That all changes when he meets Iris—a hauntingly beautiful girl guarding a horde of secrets. Iris’ troubled life […]

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Undaunted Publishing is one-part indie publisher, one-part author cooperative. We collaborate with talented authors to produce bold, brazen stories. The end result? A publishing guild quite unlike anything else.