Operation Golden Mane

An extraterrestrial politician. An alien invasion. Good thing Earth has Ben.

Ben Levinsky is an all-American loser — a college dropout more at home behind a convenience store counter than on the frontline of an alien invasion. All Ben wants is to survive his shift at the Motor Mart, hang with his friend Juan, and prove to his suave, uber-successful, globe-trotting dad that he’s not a waste of space. Instead, he’s thrust into a war to save humanity when Saurian extraterrestrials — led by the cunning shape-shifting reptile Donald Trump — prepare to conquer the world on Election Day 2016. After Ben accidentally equips the only weapon that can defeat Trump and the Saurians, he’s recruited by a top-secret agency called SPEARE to assassinate the would-be president. The fate of the human race lies in Ben’s incompetent hands. If he fails, Earth and all of its inhabitants are doomed.

Operation Golden Mane is an alien invasion thriller with a touch of comedy in the spirit of Men in Black, Kingsman, and The Interview. The #LizardTruth is out there, people. You’ve just got to be brave enough to look for it.