Swords for Hire

Medieval historical fantasy clashes with the rugged American Western. Louis L’Amour meets George R.R. Martin. Grab your sword and hit the trail.

Featuring exclusive, all-new works from the worlds of Teutevar Saga, Tales of the New World and Legacy of Ash, Swords for Hire: A Frontier Fantasy and Medieval Western Story Anthology showcases the undying spirit of the American West and the ageless allure of traditional fantasy. Stoic mountain men, intrepid gold hunters, fierce creatures, ruthless outlaws and fearless plains warriors come together in fast-paced, page-turning tales of action and adventure. If you like fantasy with true grit in the style of Joe Abercrombie’s Red Country, Miles Cameron’s Traitor Son Cycle and S.M. Stirling’s Emberverse series then saddle up and ride with Swords for Hire.


Steven W. White:

Goldseeker, a Swords for Hire exclusive

Excerpt from New World, Tales of the New World Book 1

James Downe:

Weeping Stone, a Swords for Hire exclusive

Cowards of the Setting Sun, a Swords for Hire exclusive

Chris Adams:

Plaincrow, a Swords for Hire exclusive

Derek Alan Siddoway:

Way Up North, a Swords for Hire exclusive

Into Exile, a Teutevar Saga prequel