The Undaunted Team

Derek Siddoway — Undaunted Founder

Derek Alan Siddoway (or D_Sidd) always thought he wanted to be a paperback writer. Instead, he broke into the self-publishing world in November of 2013 when he realized, after three months of pitching his debut novel, Out of Exile, there had to be a better use of his time than writing queries to agents. Converted by the fellowship of indie authors, he never looked back.

Derek’s journey as a storyteller began over a decade ago with a particularly thrilling foray into Pokémon fan-fiction. The writing seed firmly rooted, early drafts of the Teutevar Saga began to take shape in a battered five subject notebook shortly after. Today, that single notebook has morphed into a collection of moleskines, journals and legal pads scribbled with story ideas, song lyrics, musings and other random writings.

In the years between Out of Exile’s  prologue and publication, Derek studied Mass Communication and Creative Writing at the University of Utah where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science. Outside of fiction writing, Derek has professional experience in journalism, public relations, marketing and social media. When he isn’t brainstorming ways to revolutionize the publishing business, devouring books, writing (always writing), or plotting his next novel, Derek spends his time as a fourth generation farmer/rancher, a member of his county’s Search and Rescue team and a sometime recreational outdoorsman.

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Michael LeFevre — Undaunted Co-Founder

Michael, “Mike” to his friends, is a writer, striving to be an author. He has been a teller of tales since elementary school and garnered a slew of rejections from even that early age (you can read samples of his stories at Since retiring from the 9 to 5 grind in 2005, he has, in addition to writing more, taken up a lot of hobbies like gardening and hiking that he neither had the time nor space to work at before.

Mike graduated from a small high school on the edge of Utah’s West Desert with more than a passing knowledge of how to read and write–even if he didn’t understand the need for Algebra. Mike has an undergraduate degree from the University of Hard Knocks along with a collection of writing and literature classes. From the Dictionary to Louis L’Amour, religion and philosophy, political science, Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, Mike boasts an extensive and diverse reading repertoire. The journey has been and continues to be enlightening to say the least.

Mike has been married for 38 years and is the parent to one daughter and “poppa” to 3 grandsons.

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